Dimensions: 2595 x 820 x h 1860 mm

Weight included vacuum pump: 500 Kg approx.

Work top height: 910 mm

Max film width: 430 mm

Max film diameter: 280 mm

Max film mandrel diameter: 75 - 80 mm

Max tray height with vacuum: 100 mm

Max tray height without vacuum: 110 mm



MAGIC Y "Patent pending" is a revolutionary machine in tray sealer's field because is able to recognize and close different size of trays without change tools!

The automatic thermosealing machine mod. MAGIC Y is suitable for any packaging needs in protective atmosphere (MAP), SKIN or only sealing of food products in preformed trays. The machine is expressly conceived for working in the food industry.

The thermosealer mod. MAGIC Y is able to work in the following ways :

- only sealing (MAGIC Y T): it is able to seal trays in material plastic, aluminum or coupled cardboard.

- in vacuum and in vacuum + Gas (MAGIC Y VG): to seal trays in material plastic, aluminum or coupled cardboard.

with SKIN system (MAGIC Y VG SKIN): the system allows to create, with the use of a specific film for this application, a skin effect inside a preformed tray, with the film perfectly following the shape of the packaged product.

The machine is able to guarantee up to 8-18 cycles / min. in simple sealing and up to 4-12 cycles / min. in MAP or SKIN according to the characteristics of the product to package and of the used sealing materials.